Terms used:

Goods/Product – items for sale at the OÜ EW Sound & Light online store.

Customer/Buyer – a legal or natural person making a purchase at the OÜ EW Sound & Light online store.

Seller – OÜ EW Sound & Light, Raua 1/Pronksi 6, Tallinn, Estonia

Online store – the online store of EW Sound & Light at shop.ewsound.ee

1. Validity of Conditions of Use 

1.1. The conditions shall apply to the obligations and rights arising from the purchase and sale of goods through shop.ewsound.ee (hereinafter „Online store”) between the person making the purchase (hereinafter „Buyer” or „Customer”) and the owner of the shopping site shop.ewsound.ee OÜ EW Sound & Light (hereinafter „Seller”).

1.2. In addition, the applicable Republic of Estonia laws shall apply to the purchase and sale of products through shop.ewsound.ee.

2. Purchase of Goods 

2.1. The prices of all goods are in euros and include the Estonian value-added tax of 20%. The current prices and estimated times of delivery are indicated next to the products. The prices of the products do not include delivery costs. 

2.2. In order to examine a product, the Buyer chooses it from the selection of products by clicking on the product. The Buyer can study the product specifications as presented next to the product and in the submenus „Description” and „Product details”.

2.3. Once a desired product is found, the Buyer has to select the number of products they wish to purchase and click on „Add to shopping cart”. Thereafter the Buyer can proceed by clicking on „Checkout” to pay for the selected product(s) or by clicking on „Continue shopping” to return to the selection of products. Products can be added to the shopping cart from different product groups and in unlimited numbers. The number of products can be changed in the shopping cart and products can also be removed from the shopping cart. The shopping cart shall not remain active after the Buyer has closed the web page.

2.4. After the Customer has made sure that the shopping cart contains the desired items, they can proceed by clicking on „Checkout”. Next, the Customer has to enter personal data in the fields provided. The Buyer can choose to place the order as a guest or by registering as a regular customer. When placing the order as a guest, the Buyer must provide the following mandatory information in the relevant fields: gender, first name, family name and e-mail address. By clicking on „Continue”, the Customer enters the address, which is used both as the personal address and delivery address. The Customer can also provide a different address for invoicing purposes. The address data are the following: street address, postal code, city, country. By clicking on „Continue”, the Customer then chooses the method of delivery. The choice is between „DPD Pickup” – in this case the Buyer has to choose a suitable parcel locker for picking up the goods or „Delivery at home or the office by DPD courier” – and the parcel will be sent to the address provided by the Buyer. 

2.5. The prices and availability of the goods may change without advance notice. The seller shall not be responsible for displaying inaccurate information concerning the goods in stock caused by delays between information systems. If the notice „Not enough products in stock” appears next to the product, it cannot be purchased and the link „Add to shopping cart” is not active. 

2.6. The description of the goods may not always be precise or sufficiently detailed. The Seller suggests that the Customer check the producer’s web site for more information and contact the Seller if questions arise. 

3. Payment for Goods by Natural Persons 

3.1. Payment for orders can safely be made via Estonian bank links (Swedbank, SEB, Nordea, LHV, Krediidipank, Coop) and by credit card (Visa, MasterCard, Maestro).

3.2. Payment is executed outside the site of the Online store, in the secure payment environment of the payment facilitator Maksekeskus AS.

3.3. The Seller shall have no access to the bank and credit card data of the Customer.

3.4. Orders shall be paid for immediately. Payment for the goods constitutes placing of the order. 

3.5. The Seller undertakes to contact the Buyer immediately if the goods are no longer available, the time of delivery is not known or the price has changed. In case the Buyer does not agree with the extended time of delivery or the new price proposed by the Seller, the Seller cancels the order and refunds the whole amount to the Buyer.

4. Hire-purchase by Natural Persons 

4.1. The Buyer can pay for the products by using hire-purchase offered by Liisi or LHV. The Seller does not conclude a hire-purchase contract with the Buyer but offers the Buyer the possibility to submit through the Online store an electronic application for consumer credit with a creditor for concluding a hire-purchase contract. 

4.2. Depending on which creditor the Buyer chose in the application, the Seller forwards the Buyer’s application to the creditor for concluding the hire-purchase contract or refers the Buyer after entry of the required data in the Online store, to the website of the creditor providing consumer credit, where the Buyer can fill in the hire-purchase application. The Buyer’s application to conclude a hire-purchase contract is deemed as an invitation to the creditor providing consumer credit to make an offer for concluding a hire-purchase contract.   

4.3. After the creditor offering hire-purchase has reacted positively to the application of the Buyer, the hire-purchase contract is concluded with the Buyer in the website of the creditor providing consumer credit. The hire-purchase contract is concluded between the Buyer and the creditor and the Seller shall assume no obligation or liability with respect to the Buyer, arising from the relevant contract or its terms and conditions.

5. Payment for Goods by Legal Persons 

5.1. A legal person can pay for the goods chosen in the Online store on the basis of an invoice issued to the Buyer who is a legal person. The issuing of the invoice is subject to first settling the invoice for advance payment which is sent to the e-mail address provided by the legal person. 

5.2. The invoice for advance payment is sent to the Customer by e-mail as confirmation of the order. Before making the payment, the Customer has the obligation to check whether all the data in the invoice for advance payment are in accordance with the order. The order starts to be executed as of the moment that the total amount stated in the invoice for advance payment has been remitted to the bank account of the Seller.

6. Delivery of Goods 

6.1. If the Buyer clicks on a specific product in the selection of products, the estimated time of delivery is presented as part of the description of the product. If the goods selected by the Buyer are not in stock, the estimated time of delivery is not displayed. We recommend that the Buyer contact the Seller regarding any out-of-stock goods. 

6.2. The Seller offers two options for the delivery of goods: 

6.3. The Buyer can choose „DPD Pickup” as a method of delivery – in this case the Customer has to choose a suitable DPD parcel locker from the list when placing the order.

6.4. The other method of delivery is „Delivery at home or the office by DPD courier” – and the goods will be delivered to the contact address provided by the Buyer. 

6.5. Before placing the order, the Buyer has the obligation to check the accuracy of the contact data submitted to the Seller. If the Buyer is not present at the stated address at all times or if the location is difficult to find, the Buyer must submit additional information about the location or times they are present at the location in the field „Additional information”. The Seller is not responsible for delays in delivery caused by inaccurate contact data submitted by the Buyer.

6.6. The orders for items that are in stock are shipped within 2 business days. Items, that are available for order, are put into order within 2 business days with estimated arrival time of 2 - 4 weeks depending on the manufacturer. The order times are also listed on the product page.   

7. Guarantee 

7.1. The guarantee as stated in the product description shall apply to all goods. The period of guarantee shall commence from the conclusion of the sales contract and remain valid during the period stated in the guarantee document accompanying the product. By confirming the purchase, the Buyer agrees to the guarantee offered by the Seller and any further complaints concerning the guarantee shall be dismissed. 

8. Liability and Force Majeure 

8.1. The Seller and the Buyer shall be liable for any damage caused to the other party on the basis of these Conditions of Use and the laws applicable in the Republic of Estonia.

8.2. The Seller shall not be liable for any damage caused by the misuse of the products or other damage caused by defective products. 

8.3. The Seller shall not be liable for damage suffered by the Buyer, if such damage was caused by circumstances beyond the control of the Seller (force majeure). 

8.4. The liability of the Seller for the delivery of goods shall cease at the moment the goods are handed over to the Buyer, a person authorized by the Buyer or the courier.

9. Return of Goods 

9.1. The Buyer has the right to return the goods on justified grounds within 14 days from the day of receiving the goods. The goods must be in intact original packaging that has not been opened and the goods must be unused. Before making the purchase, the Buyer has the obligation to make sure that the goods are suitable. By ticking in the shopping cart, the box „I agree to the Conditions of Use and follow them”, the Buyer confirms having actually done that and understood everything. The Buyer shall cover all costs related to the return of goods. 

9.2. The Seller shall refund the amount paid by the Buyer within 14 days from receiving the declaration of withdrawal, on the condition that the Buyer returns the goods within the same period. 

9.3. The Buyer must return the goods within 14 days from the submission of the declaration of withdrawal or submit evidence that they handed over the goods to a logistics firm within the aforementioned period. The Seller has the right to refuse to make the refund until the goods being returned are received or until the Buyer has provided proof of returning the goods, whichever occurs first.

9.4. The Buyer must always open the packaging of the product carefully, without damaging it. If the packaging cannot be opened so that it remains intact, the product need not be returned in original packaging. 

9.5. The returned goods and accompanying documents (user manual, conditions of guarantee etc) must be without fault, complete, in original packaging and unused. If the condition of the returned goods, accompanying manuals and other documents and/or the packaging of the goods has deteriorated as a result of circumstances for which the Buyer is responsible, the Seller has the right to lower the amount returned in accordance with the decrease in the value of the goods.

9.6. The Buyer shall bear the direct costs related to the return of goods. 

10. By agreeing to the Conditions of Use the Buyer agrees to the following:

10.1. The Seller may include the contact data entered by the Buyer in its database for marketing purposes and for managing the database of regular customers.

10.2. The Seller has the right to unilaterally change the Conditions of Use and Privacy Policy and surrender the database to third parties. The Seller may transfer the database containing personal data to third parties without the need to give prior notice to the users of the application. 

10.3. By creating an account, you agree to the Seller sending you informative text messages and e-mails, which is a regular part of the business of using the services. You can opt out of receiving text messages and e-mails from the Seller at any time.

11. Intellectual Property 

11.1. The administrator holds all the copyrights and rights accompanying copyrights (rights of the compiler of the database) related to the Online store and the materials contained therein (published information, texts, images, graphics, compilations, software, and other works for the purposes of the Copyright Act), the copyrights of which do not belong to third parties.

11.2. The materials available via the Online store may be reproduced, distributed, translated, processed, and adapted, as well as shown to, forwarded and made available to the public (not for the purpose of profit) within the limits of free use provided for by the Copyright Act.

11.3. The reproduction of the service, its structure, technical or graphic solution or programs is forbidden.

11.4. References and hyperlinks (including deep linking on subordinate sites) are allowed on the condition that they do not provide any wrong, misleading, or disparaging information about the Online store or Seller. 

12. Procedure for Making A Complaint Concerning Defective Goods 

12.1. A two-year period of making complaints, prescribed in subsection 218(2) of the Law of Obligations Act applies to products sold. 

12.2. The Buyer undertakes to notify the Seller immediately of any nonconformity or defect of the product, but not later than within two months after discovery thereof. All complaints shall be dealt with and the Buyer shall be contacted at the first opportunity but not later than within 15 days from the receipt of the complaint.

12.3. The Buyer undertakes to notify the Seller immediately of any hidden defect of the goods, which is primarily a defect concerning the quality of the goods, by sending an e-mail to info@ewsound.ee and submitting the following data:

12.3.1. Name and contact data;

12.3.2. Description and possible cause of the defect of the goods; 

12.3.3. Number of the sales contract.

12.4. It is presumed that any defect which becomes apparent within six months as of the date of delivery of a thing to the Buyer already existed before the delivery of the thing. 

12.5. The Buyer has the right to request a reduction of the purchase price or termination of the contract and a refund of money paid for the goods, if the Seller cannot repair or replace the product, the repairing or replacement of the product is not successful, the Seller fails to eliminate the defect of the goods within reasonable time or has caused unreasonable inconvenience to the consumer.

12.6. The Buyer can rely, upon non-compliance of the goods with the terms and conditions of the contract, on the legal remedies provided by law, including requiring performance of the contract, reduction of the price, compensation for damages and cancelling the contract. 

12.7. The Seller shall not be liable for damage caused by inappropriate use of the product(s), delays in delivery, if caused by circumstances beyond the control of the Seller and/or force majeure. 

12.8. The Seller shall not reimburse the costs the Buyer has incurred due to nonconformity or deficiency of the product and shall not be liable for those costs, if the value of the product has dropped/the product has been damaged due to the fault of the Buyer, the deficiencies were caused by inappropriate use of the product, including failure to observe the service manual, the value of the product has dropped due to normal wear and tear or the document certifying the purchase is lacking.

13. Other Terms and Conditions 

13.1. Any disputes arising from ordering and purchasing goods via shop.ewsound.ee shall be resolved by way of negotiations between the parties. Any disputes and problems not specified in these Conditions of Use shall be resolved on the basis of the applicable Republic of Estonia laws.