KLOTZ PW24X PolyWIRE Multicore kaabel 24 x 2 x 0.22 mm² - PVC 1m, must

22,90 €
Tootekood: PW24X

ultra flexible

XLPE insulation (cross-linked PE)

high temperature properties

easy and reliable soldering without shrinking

exemplarily illustrated is the 40-pair PW40X


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The KLOTZ PolyWIRE has been the European bestseller for years in the range of studio connection and installation cables. By the use of a specific PVC the cable is robust and still ultra-flexible and lies flat without looping when laid out or installed. The good audio performance results from generous conductor cross section together with low capacitance. Numbered pair jackets make the assembly easier and labelling dispensable. With the latest generation of this cable a conductor insulation from cross-linked polyethylene is applied to avoid shrinking during soldering.


cond. construction stranded tinned copper, 7 x 0.20 mm

cond. cross section 0.22 mm2

insulation XLPE, red & blue

core arrangement 2 cores twisted to a pair

pair shielding stranded tinned copper drain wire + AL/PET foil

pair jacket PVC, color coded in steps of 8 pairs and numbered consecutively

cable stranding n pairs twisted in layers

outer jacket PVC, soft, matt


min. bending radius 5x overall diameter

working temperature -20°C / +70°C


conductor resistance < 85 Ω/km


cond./cond. 85 pF/m

cond./shield 170 pF/m

crosstalk attenuation > 15 kHz / 100 dB

insulation resistance > 50 GΩ x km

test voltage  

cond./cond. 1000 V

cond./shield 500 V