KLOTZ PF15Y16 PolyFLEX Multicore kaabel 16 x 2 x 0.15 mm² - PVC 1m, must

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Tootekood: PF15Y16

0.15 mm² conductor cross section (AWG 26)

bare copper spiral shield + tinned stranded drain wire for quick termination

ultra flexible


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The PolyFLEX PF15Y offers outstanding mechanical flexibility and is thus ideal for mobile stage use. This incredible flexibility is guaranteed by four design features. First, the ultra-finely stranded wires (19 x 0.10 mm) and conductor cross-section of 0.15 mm² improve crimp connection quality and maximize the withdrawal force of the wires at the crimp contact. Second, individual pairs are shielded by a flexible spiral shield with drain wire. Third, the individual audio channels are twisted in ultra-short lay length; and finally, the outer jacket is of soft PVC for extreme flexibility. The numbered pair jackets make it easy to assign individual channels. The PVC jacket can accommodate up to 40 pairs.


cond. construction stranded bare copper, 19 x 0.10 mm
cond. cross section 0.15 mm2
insulation polyethylene (PE), blue & transparent
core arrangement 2 cores twisted to a pair
drain wire stranded tinned copper, 7 x 0.20 mm
taping polyester-fleece
pair shielding bare copper spiral shield
pair jacket PVC, grey, numbered
cable stranding n pairs twisted in layers
outer jacket PVC, matt


min. bending radius 5x overall diameter
working temperature -20°C / +70°C


conductor resistance 135 Ω/km
shield resistance 30 Ω/km
cond./cond. 80 pF/m
cond./shield 140 pF/m
crosstalk attenuation > 100 (15 kHz) dB
insulation resistance > 5 GΩ x km
test voltage  
cond./cond. 1000 V
cond./shield 500 V
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